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Updating Bathrooms With Bath Conversions

Tub to Shower Conversions Albuquerque NMIs it time to update your old, outdated bathroom with a more modern design and luxurious aesthetic? Getting a traditional remodel of your bathroom usually comes at a hefty financial cost, but it’s not the only option. With locations in Albuquerque, NM, Houston and El Paso, TX, and Phoenix, AZ, Axiom Solutions offers bath conversions for homeowners with high-quality showers and bathtubs at a much smaller price tag throughout Greater New Mexico and beyond. These conversions are customizable to fit your space and suit your style with various patterns, colors, and accessories. They’re also quick to install and highly durable, made with thick, antimicrobial acrylic to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Our team of installers works efficiently to get your bath conversion finished as quickly as within one day. We offer both tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions to fit your needs.

Comparing Showers and Bathtubs

Before you decide to renovate your bathroom with a bath conversion, be sure to compare the pros and cons of showers and bathtubs. What’s best for one person may not be best for another, and each bathroom staple comes with its own advantages. Consider the following as you make your decision:

  • Space – Showers tend to take up less space than a bathtub. Be aware of your bathroom’s square footage and how much you want to dedicate to a shower or tub.
  • Cost – Bathtubs tend to be cheaper to install, depending on the model and design you choose. However, Axiom Solutions is careful to ensure any of our bath conversions are affordable for the average homeowner.
  • Accessibility – Showers tend to be more accessible for those with limited mobility than traditional bathtubs. That said, you may want to consider a walk-in tub with built-in seating to alleviate any safety concerns.
  • Aesthetic – Consider what you’d like your bathroom to look like. Bathtubs are considered higher luxury, but a shower might look and function better according to your preferences.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

The process of converting your tub into a shower involves taking photos and measurements so we can maximize the use of your space in the design. You select a shower with color, pattern, and style that matches your tastes and complements your bathroom’s aesthetics, and we’ll expertly install it with a watertight custom fit. Our acrylic showers are made with a thick, nonporous material that’s antimicrobial and very low-maintenance. It also resists cracking and chipping and stands the test of time with regular use. You’ll no longer need to step over a tub’s high walls to get in again, and the style of your new shower can update the bathroom to a more contemporary appearance.

Shower-to-Tub Conversions

If your preference is to sit down to bathe yourself and relax in hot water, then Axiom Solutions can easily install a custom-designed tub space and convert your shower to a more convenient bathtub. Our tubs are made with the same nonporous acrylic as the showers, which offers the durability, longevity, and antimicrobial element to make cleanliness and upkeep a breeze. Options like walk-in tubs and accessories like soap dishes and grab bars enhance the convenience of your updated bathroom.

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